About Us

  • Jerry started his career in Jewelry in 1979 and many years specialized in Diamonds and Pearls. Little did they know when they met, that Ana had a natural flare for color and design. Over the years they have dressed many who live and visit South Florida. Buddhaluv came to life when asked to create accessories to match a clothing line. Today they create the majority of their bracelet's and necklaces. Ana always says " I want my clients to feel beautiful from the inside out. When I design I want to give them something special".

This website came to life as clients live through out the United States, and around the world but would shop when they came to get warm in South Florida at the Festival Flea Market at Jerry G's store. Now anyone can shop when they want . Can't find what you are looking for?Simply email as their store front as hundreds of pieces of jewelry. Of course come and visit them when you come To South Florida but tell them hey I saw this on your Website.